Lee Guk Joo and Seo Kang Joon Question Each Other About Love Lives in “I Live Alone”

On the February 5 broadcast of MBC’s “I Live Alone,” Lee Guk Joo meets up with Seo Kang Joon, who was her fellow housemate in SBS’s “Roommate 2.” Seo Kang Joon compliments Lee Guk Joo on her weight loss, asking, “Why did you lose so much weight?” and saying that she looks like Kate Winslet. He also says, “Previously, I couldn’t see your chin, but now I can.”

Seo Kang Joon questions Lee Guk Joo about her love life, and asks, “Do you have a boyfriend?” She immediately replies that she doesn’t, but then asks, “Can I call you my boyfriend?” He immediately shuts her down, explaining, “You can’t. My mom told me to be careful of alcohol, women, and gambling,” showing how close they are to each each other.

Then, Lee Guk Joo turns the tables and interrogates Seo Kang Joon about his love life. She asks, “Aren’t there any actresses who like you and stuff?” He responds that there are none, and that they’re “just all close.” Lee Guk Joo refuses to let it end, and tries one more time, asking, “Do you still keep in contact with your former co-star Nam Ji Hyun?” However, Seo Kang Joon just smoothly replies, “I do.”

Before they part, Lee Guk Joo gives Seo Kang Joon one piece of advice: “Be careful of noonas. Older women are wolves.” Seo Kang Joon jokingly retorts, “Then are you a wolf too?”

“I Live Alone” is a documentary style variety program that shows the lives of single celebrities who are living on their own. It airs every Friday at 11 p.m. KST.

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