BTOB’s Changsub Picks the Girl Group Member He Wants to Go on a Trip With

BTOB’s Changsub picked the lucky girl he wants to go on a trip with.

On the episode of SBS’s “The Boss Is Watching” aired on February 6, approximately 140 idols from 15 different managing agencies appear to pick who the best idol is. The teams are judged by intelligence, athleticism, talent, luck, and teamwork.

“If you could pick one girl group to go on a trip with who would it be,” Leeteuk asks Changsub.

Though he seems startled, he answers, “I want to go with GFRIEND.”

Yet, the answer doesn’t seem good enough for Leeteuk, as he asks him to pick one specific member. This time, even Changsub’s boss is taken aback by the unexpected question.

“I want to go with Umji,” he answers.

changsub 2

GFRIEND’s boss warns, “Don’t make eye contact, Umji,” and in response, BTOB’s boss says, “Changsub, tell them you’re not interested anymore.”

changsub 3 changsub 4

Watch the full scene in the video below!

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