Jessi Turns Into a 58-Year-Old “Hip-Hop Ahjumma” on MBC Pilot “Future Diary”

Can you imagine the sassy diva Jessi as an old lady?

On the episode of the MBC pilot program “Future Diary” to air on February 8, celebrities get to live the future they dream of.

Soccer star Ahn Jung Hwan, Jessi, and Kang Sung Yun turn into time travelers as they explore their futures.

Ahn Jung Hwan choses to see his future when he is 80.

Jessi decides to travel to her mother’s age, 58, and shouts “oh my god” when she sees herself. However, she soon adjusts to her new face and turns into a hip-hop ahjumma. Her mother, too, participates and transforms into an 87-year-old woman.

Kang Sung Yun travels to 2052 with her husband, pianist Kim Ga On, to their 40th wedding anniversary.

As an old couple, they visit their first house and favorite restaurants and cafes to take a walk down memory lane.

Meanwhile, the special effects team from “A Muse” were behind the “aging makeup” of the participants.

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