KARA’s Youngji Reveals Graduation Photo on “Gag Concert”

Former KARA member Youngji recently revealed her graduation photo on “Gag Concert!”

On the February 7 broadcast, Youngji first revealed that she went to the same high school as miss A’s Suzy, Girl’s Day’s Hyeri, and A Pink’s Son Na Eun. “They graduated in the same year as me,” Youngji said. “People always want to see my graduation album. It’s annoying.”

gag concert youngji

A comedian then suggested, “Are you sure it’s not because of this picture?” Revealing her graduation photo to the audience, Youngji promptly ripped it to pieces in consternation.

kara youngji

The comedians unveil another photo of Youngji and her older sister, who is in the audience. “She’s prettier than me,” Youngji admitted, “but I don’t like it when people say that.”

What do you think of the photo?

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