Park Bo Gum Talks About What Kind of a Friend Lee Hyun Woo Is

On February 4, Park Bo Gum, of “Reply 1988” fame, reveals his special friendship with actor Lee Hyun Woo during an interview held with bnt News.

Park Bo Gum explains, “I met Lee Hyun Woo for the first time at my university’s entrance ceremony. At the time, he was really friendly to me, and even said that he enjoyed watching ‘Blind.’ I’m really grateful that he reached out to me first, even though he was the sunbae (older in seniority). He’s a sunbae, and a friend, that I am thankful for.”

park bo gum lee hyun woo

He also says that they “talk from time to time.” He remembers how Lee Hyun Woo said something about ‘Reply 1988’ that made him feel really good, and that they “tend to support each other a lot.”

Park Bo Gum recently returned from a trip to Namibia, while Lee Hyun Woo is currently starring in “Moorim School.”

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