Song Triplets’ Mom Shows Her Face for the First Time On “The Return of Superman”

Viewers have always been curious about what Song Il Gook‘s wife, Judge Jung Seung Yeon, looks like, because she has only appeared on television through her silhouette or just her voice. She has finally revealed her face on the latest episode of “The Return of Superman.”

On the January 7 broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s “The Return of Superman,” Song Il Gook and Daehan, Minguk, and Manse visit the district office for a special surprise.

This day, which was also their last day of filming, Song Il Gook and his sons make a lunchbox for his wife, and their mom, Jung Seung Yeon, and go to Incheon District Court in order to look for her.

Jung Seung Yeon, who was in the middle of overtime, was extremely surprised and pleased to see her husband and sons. While Song Il Gook shows confidence while giving her eel rice bowl he cooked himself, he becomes nervous just as she’s about to take a bite.

song il gook jung seung yeon

After quietly taking a bite, Jung Seung Yeon gives her review about the food, and says, “Besides it being a little salty, it’s pretty good. I think it will go well with rice.” Song Il Gook replies, “I made it a little saltier, taking that into account,” acting as if he made the seasoning a little stronger on purpose.

Jung Seung Yeon, born in 1976, graduated from Seoul University Law School, as well as its graduate school, and is currently serving her term as a judge at the Incheon District Court.

Song Il Gook and Jung Seung Yeon married in 2008, and are currently raising their sons, Daehan, Minguk, and Manse.

Watch Jung Seung Yeon’s appearance in the latest episode below!

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