Watch: BTOB’s Eunkwang’s Brother Joins Eunkwang and Changsub for a Beautiful Ballad Performance

BTOB’s Eunkwang invites his younger brother Seo Eunchong to the KBS Lunar New Year special “Idol and Family National Singing Competition”!

Seo Eunchong teams up with Eunkwang and BTOB member Changsub, who are dressed up as comic characters, for a performance of Yoo Jae Ha’s “You, In My Arms.”

Before they begin, host Kim Shin Young comments that the two brothers look very similar, but Eunchong replies, “I’m more handsome!” Kim Shin Young laughs and says, “Now you’re both upset!”

Despite their funny outfits, the guys perform the cover of the emotional ballad very seriously and sound great together. The two brothers even show off their ability to harmonize together beautifully.

Watch the performance below!

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