Watch: A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji and Her Duet Partner Display an Impressive Collaboration on “Duet Music Festival”

Jung Eun Ji and her partner Kim Dae Su were the third pair to sing on MBC’s Lunar New Year special, “Duet Music Festival,” which aired on February 8.

Kim Dae Su, who was personally chosen by Jung Eun Ji as her duet partner, reveals, “I haven’t found my dream yet. I happened to apply by chance, and it’s really an honor.”

jung eun ji kim dae su

They two sing Yoon Do Hyun Band’s “I Am a Butterfly.” It starts off with Kim Dae Su, with Jung Eun Ji following his lead, showing off a fantastic teamwork from the very beginning. The mood shifts in the middle of the song, and the two continue to sing with overflowing confidence. Both Jung Eun Ji and Kim Dae Su captivate the audience with their appealing voices. The lyrics also describe Kim Dae Su’s situation, who had to give up his original dreams in order to earn money, adding to the emotional appeal as well.


In the end, Jung Eun Ji and Kim Dae Su, with a total of 462 points, manage to overtake MAMAMOO‘s Wheein and her partner, who were previously leading with a total of 453 points. While they are not the final winners, they manage to show off their impressive collaboration and skills.

Watch their amazing performance below!

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