TWICE’s Jungyeon Protects Her Sister Gong Seung Yeon in a Haunted House on “We Are Siblings”

On February 8’s episode of “We Are Siblings,” actress Gong Seung Yeon and her sister Jungyeon of TWICE bond by visiting a haunted house together.

gong seung yeon jungyeon 6

Jungyeon has to convince her sister to enter the house with her, and when they both hesitate by the door, Gong Seung Yeon laughs and pushes Jungyeon inside first.

gong seung yeon jungyeon 2

The pair cling to each other within the entrance, and are already screaming within a few seconds as someone jumps out at them. When another actor surprises them, Jungyeon yells at him, “Don’t do that!”

Gong Seung Yeon gets more and more scared as they walk through, and keeps clinging to Jungyeon as her younger sister takes the lead.

When they’re both frightened by an actor who jumps out at them, Jungyeon yells, “Go away! My sister is scared of you!”

gong seung yeon jungyeon 3

The two sisters eventually are chased out of the house by one of the actors, and they laugh once they reach the exit. They then take a photo together with two of the actors!

gong seung yeon jungyeon 4

Watch a clip of the scene here.

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