What Were the Highest-Rated Song Triplets Moments on “The Return of Superman”?

After the beloved Song triplets and their father Song Il Gook’s final episode on “The Return of Superman” aired on February 7, it has now been revealed which minutes starring the triplets achieved the highest ratings.

Each fan of the triplets has their own favorite scenes that they’ve watched over and over. However, the minute that was the most viewed live on television was from last October, when the triplets played soccer with Lee Dong Gook and his children.

This highest-rated minute includes the moment in which Minguk is playing soccer and kicks a goal into the net past goalkeeper Daebak. According to Nielsen Korea’s national ratings, the show reached a rating of 31.2 percent during that minute.

minguk daehan daebak

Unsurprisingly, other highly-rated minutes mostly included the boys eating! The second highest-rated minute was during a scene when the triplets were eating hot dogs, which had a rating of 28.5 percent.

daehan minguk manse 2

A minute from a January 2015 episode with the boys stuffing their faces with laver at a duck restaurant hit 24.10 percent. Also, a moment where they are eating shrimp reached 22.9 percent, and a minute in which Manse sings a song about his food being delicious achieved a rating of 22.9 percent.

daehan minguk manse 3

Watch the Song triplets’ final episode of “The Return of Superman” below!

What’s your personal favorite Song triplets moment?

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