Watch: EXID’s Solji’s Moving Performance With Doo Jin Soo on “Duet Song Festival”

EXID‘s Solji has drawn attention for her duet with vocal trainer Doo Jin Soo on MBC’s “Duet Song Festival” that aired on February 8.

The highly anticipated special featured some of today’s hottest stars, including Min Kyung Hoon of rock band Buzz, A Pink’s Eunji, Block B‘s Zico, trot singer Hong Jin Young and many other singers teaming up with ordinary citizens to perform a stage together with them.

On this day, Solji and Doo Jin Soo chose to sing “West Sky” and with Solji’s emotional vocals mixing with the impressive skills of Doo Jin Soo, they were able to win first place, with 477 votes.

After her performance, Solji said, “I hope Jin Soo is able to release his own album now. I really enjoyed singing with him.”

Watch their performance below!

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