JYJ’s Junsu Shows Off His New Friendship With Byun Yo Han

On February 8, JYJ‘s Junsu posted a picture with Byun Yo Han, who came out to support the musical “Dracula.” His caption says, “My friend Yo Han-ssi, whom I really like, even though it’s still a little awkward between us, came to see the musical “Dracula”~ Hoping for the day where I won’t have to add -ssi (a formal way of addressing someone in Korean) at the end of your name…let’s become closer one day at a time~ Ah, but I really like this man’s personality…” showing off the affection that Junsu already feels for his new friend.

The two catch people’s eyes for their casual clothes and sharp looks that are still noticeable, even though Junsu is wearing sunglasses and Byun Yo Han has a hat and mask on.

Later on, Junsu uploaded two more pictures of Byun Yo Han, continuing to emphasize how much he likes Byun Yo Han, and also showing his support for “Six Flying Dragons.”

“A picture of Yo Han-ssi who flew over before the start of the show. I really like this person. I just really do. I’ll watch Yi Bang Ji through live broadcast today~~~~”

이방지~화이팅! A photo posted by 김준수 (@xiaxiaxia1215) on

“Yi Bang Ji~ Fighting!”

The musical “Dracula,” ends its run this Lunar New Year weekend, with its last performance on February 9. It tells the story of Dracula, played by Junsu, and his love story that transcends time.

Byun Yo Han is currently starring in SBS’s “Six Flying Dragons” and receiving much love for his role as Ddang Sae (Yi Bang Ji’s childhood name)

Watch the latest episode of “Six Flying Dragons” below!

Link to video: www.viki.com/videos/1081660v-six-flying-dragons-episode-37

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