JuNCurryAhn Proves that K-Drama Romance Exists

We all know those iconic scenes from Korean dramas – the accidental kiss, the save from a fall, the slow-mo shoe tying. They make us squeal, giggle, maybe even sigh with envy. When will that kind of romance befall us? Do guys like that even exist in the real world? Can I find my Kim Soo Hyun??

YouTube star JuNCurryAhn teamed up with Viki to launch a video just for Valentine’s Day and Viki’s “Love Is In The Air” romantic drama collection.

Featuring Megan Lee and JeffreyFever, JuNCurryAhn takes on the role of a Korean-drama-obsessed guy who is perhaps a little too invested in his dramas to date. Luckily for him, he’s dragged out for a double date and not only discovers romance but also, apparently, unlocks his inner Korean drama lead.

Check out the full video now: