Watch: Subin Shows Off Her Tight Abs on “Muscle Queen Project”

On February 9 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s variety program “Muscle Queen Project,” trainer Song Ah Reum and Dal Shabet’s Subin teamed up for a dynamic performance. The program was emceed by singers Insooni and Jung Jin Woon.

Song Ah Reum was asked what her specialty is. She answered, “Bikini. I teach weight training.”


When Subin met her fitness training mentor Song Ah Reum for the first time, she wanted her mentor to check out her abs. She showed it off proudly. Song Ah Reum commented, “I think you worked out very hard.”

Song Ah Reum went on and said, “The view from the back side is important for women. Lower back exercise helps.” Then Song Ah Reum showed various moves to Subin utilizing the gym ball.


Song Ah Reum and Subin collaborated on a dynamic performance using a gym ball.

“Muscle Queen Project” is a program where a fitness trainer and celebrity pair up as a mentor and mentee. Participants in the program were singers Insooni, Kahi, Stephanie, G.NA, TWICE’s Jungyeon, AOA’s Chanmi, Dal Shabets Subin, 9MUSES’s Kyung Ri, trainers Jung Ah Reum, Shim Eu Ddeum, Oh Hyun Jin, Kwon Do Ye, Hyung Joo Hyun, and Song Ah Reum.

Check out Subin and Song Ah Reum’s performance here.

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