EXID’s Hani Is Moved to Tears Watching Her Brother Play Guitar

EXID‘s Hani is moved to tears watching her younger brother Ahn Tae Hwan play guitar on the February 9 episode of KBS‘s “We Are Siblings.”

Ahn Tae Hwan starts to play the guitar for Hani, who at first watches with pride. Suddenly, she begins to cry quietly, and lays out on the couch to just listen to her brother play.

In the interview, Hani explains, “I bought that guitar for my little brother. Even though I wasn’t making much money at the time, he asked me to buy it for him and promised he would practice hard at it. So I ended up spending almost all of my pocket money. However, I felt that it wasn’t a waste at all, since I was spending the money on my brother.”

Hani has shown off her close relationship with her brother on many occasions, most recently by treating him to a meal to celebrate his discharge from the military.

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