Shinhwa’s Andy Embarrasses Shin Hye Sung With Secrets on “Weekly Idol”

Shinhwa‘s Andy revealed a hilarious secret regarding member Shin Hye Sung on the recent episode of “Weekly Idol.”

On the February 10 episode of the show, Shin Hye Sung appears as a guest and Andy appears as a substitute MC to promote Shin Hye Sung’s new album.

During the portion of the show where the star introduces himself, Andy chimes in and says, “During our debut days, I actually saw Hye Sung practicing some impersonations in his car. Other members and I decided to keep it a secret.”

weekly idol1

Shin Hye Sung admits it, saying, “I usually practiced mimicking female singers, such as singer Park Ji Yoon.”

weekly idol2

Andy continues, “Many people think I have the most aegyo, but Hye Sung has more.”

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