Results for the “Idol Star Athletics Championship” Men and Women’s 400m Relay

Spoiler alert for those who haven’t watched the “2016 Idol Star Athletics Championships”

A Pink, EXID, G-Friend, and Lovelyz competed with  in the play-offs for the women’s 400m relay. A Pink, who had won gold last year, once again took the crown. EXID came in second, while G-Friend came in as third.

400M RELAY 2 400M RELAY 3 400M RELAY 4

400m relay 6

BTS, B.A.P, VIXX, and BTOB made it to the finals of the men’s 400m relay. BTS took the gold medal, B.A.P took second place, and VIXX came in third.

400M RELAY 5

Meanwhile, the “2016 Idol Star Athletics Championships” is a competition in which idols come together to play against each other in sports such as relays, archery, and futsal. This is its seventh year as one of the holiday’s most beloved shows.

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