Hyeri Shares Her Thoughts on Negative Comments About “Reply 1988” Character

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri recently revealed that she reads negative comments about Duk Sun, her character in “Reply 1988,” and that they affect her deeply.

“I learned who the husband was a little earlier than the rest of the audience,” Hyeri said in an intervivew. “I asked the director why Duk Sun was acting a certain way and he told me. I was worried that I might have acted wrongly in certain places.”

“After I knew who the husband was, I tried hard to make the reveal more convincing,” she continued. “Rather than negative comments on my appearance or acting ability, I was more hurt when people said that Duk Sun was wishy-washy. I thought it was my fault for portraying her poorly.”

Hyeri also talked about the much-discussed love lines with Ryu Jun Yeol and Park Bo Gum.

About her love line with Ryu Jun Yeol, she said, “Duk Sun is someone who longs for love. When she thinks someone likes her, she starts to have feelings for them. I think her feelings for Junghwan were sweet and warm, like the way we feel when we’re young.”

“Duk Sun’s beginnings with Taek were different,” she added. “Ever since they were young, Duk Sun worried about Taek and felt responsible for him. She was curious about him. That’s why I think it took her longer to realize that was love.”

Hyeri also talked about how she cried a lot during Ryu Jun Yeol’s confession scene. “As soon as I saw the script I was so sad. As a viewer I felt so bad for Junghwan. Jun Yeol oppa also tried not to look at me because it would make it more difficult, but just listening to the lines made me cry even more.”

Do you think Hyeri did a good job portraying Duk Sun’s feelings?

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