Kang Ho Dong and IKON’s B.I. Are Nervous Around Yang Hyun Suk’s Dog

On the February 10 broadcast of JTBC‘s “Mari and Me,” comedian Kang Ho Dong and iKON‘s B.I. were entrusted in taking care of YG president Yang Hyun Suk‘s dog, Hong Soon Yi.

During the show, Kang Ho Dong and B.I. were seen waiting at the YG Entertainment building to receive their dog-sitting assignment. When Hong Soon Yi arrived at the scene in an ultra-luxury sedan and upon finding out that the owner was Yang Hyun Suk, Kang Ho Dong nervously said, “I should be careful.” B.I. also added, “This is difficult.” The two men’s nervousness created laughter among viewers during the show.

Hong Soon Yi is a one year old Shiba Inu that has never played with other dogs, so the manager who brought the dog on the behalf of Yang Hyun Suk requested that the two men create a special memory on the show.

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