Song Il Gook Discusses Desire for Fourth Child

On the February 10 Lunar New Year Special of “The Return of Superman – Unreleased X Files,” “The Return of Superman” airs previously unreleased footage from the fathers’ trip to Jeju Island.

During their table talk, twins’ father Lee Hwi Jae asks Song Il Gook whether he has any thoughts about having more kids, Song Il Gook responds, “I want a fourth child.”

Will [your wife] be okay with that?” Lee Hwi Jae asks. Song Il Gook says, “No, she won’t allow it.”

Uhm Ji On‘s father Uhm Tae Woong jumps into the conversation and shares, “I’m thinking about a second child,” expressing his worry that his daughter will be lonely otherwise.

Chu Sarang‘s father Chu Sung Hoon interjects, “She’ll be fine even if she’s alone.”

Would you like to see the Daehan, Minguk, and Manse get a younger sibling?

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