EXID’s Solji Wins Big at Lunar New Year Specials

EXID’s Solji is in the spotlight for sweeping various Lunar New Year special programs.

Several pilot programs on air during the Lunar New Year holiday weekend featured Solji coming out on top as the winner. She even gained a nickname, “Queen of Pilot Programs.”

On February 8, Solji appeared on MBC’s “Duet Song Festival” with vocal trainer Doo Jin Soo. They sang “West Sky” and won first place.

On February 10, Solji appeared on MBC’s “Idol Star Athletic Championships” and won gold in archery as well as wrestling.

Solji became the “Holiday Idol” excelling in singing as well as in sports. Viewers showed an explosive response to Solji’s reign as the “Queen of Pilot Programs” saying how talented she is in everything she does.

Listed below are some highlights of Solji’s variety show appearances over the Lunar New Year holiday.

1. Winner of MBC’s “Duet Song Festival”

solji-duet song festival

2. Winner of MBC’s “Idol Star Athletic Championships” in archery


3. Winner of MBC’s “Idol Star Athletic Championships” in wrestling


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