4Minute Predicts Who Will Be the First and Last to Get Married

On the February 11 broadcast of MBC radio’s “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon,” 4Minute starred and talked about the future, including who they think we get married first.

During the “Live In Air” segment of the broadcast, Kim Shin Young brought up the issue of age and asked Sohyun who she thought would get married first. Sohyun answered, “At first I thought it would be Jihyun unnie. But these days, I think that it might be Gayoon.” But when asked why, she replied, “I’m not sure. I just think that these days when I look at her.”

When asked who they thought would be the last to get married, it was a unanimous decision, with everyone pointing at Hyuna. Even Kim Shin Young mentioned that she thought Hyuna would be last, saying, “These days, Hyuna’s been hanging out with a lot of married people so I think her fantasy of married life has been broken so she’d probably get married the latest.”


4Minute recently came back with their seventh mini album, “Act. 7,” and has been promoting their song “Hate,” which was a collaboration with DJ SKRILLEX.

Who do you think will get married first in 4Minute?

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