“Moon Lovers” Reveals Photos of Their Ritual Ahead of Filming

Upcoming drama “Moon Lovers” revealed some photos of the cast and crew giving a spiritual ceremony ahead of their first day of filming.

This ritual took place on January 27 with all the cast and crew including officials of NBC Universal. They all gathered to wish success for “Moon Lovers” and safety for all the staff.

Lee Joon Gi, who will be playing the main character Wang So, said, “I hope we can run through this project without anyone getting injured. I will try my best to create harmonious ties with all the other actors.”

IU, who will be playing Hye Soo, stated, “I will do my best,” and seemed very determined.

Jo Min Ki, who will be playing Wang Gun, said, “I hope we all work together to create a good drama that will make everyone here happy. I hope everyone remains happy, unhurt, and energized.”

The production company in charge of the drama stated, “We wish for all the cast and crew to stay healthy and for this drama to be successful. We are confident that our teamwork will help the quality of the drama. We will work hard to create a well-produced drama, so please look forward to it.”

Meanwhile, “Moon Lovers” is a 100 percent pre-recorded drama and is planned to air in the second half of 2016.

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