Watch: BTS’s V Holds Kim Min Jae During Painful Massage on “Celebrity Bromance”

BTS member V and actor Kim Min Jae continue their bro-adventures in the latest episode of MBC’s new reality show “Celebrity Bromance”!

In the previous episode, Kim Min Jae and V arrived at a massage parlour, where the pair filled out forms and got ready to have the massages that Kim Min Jae planned for them.

The story continues in February 11’s episode, as they enter the treatment room and Kim Min Jae pretends that he’s going to be the one massaging V, even climbing on top of V as he lies on the table.

bts v kim min jae 2

A famous masseur that Kim Min Jae saw on the show “My Little Television” then arrives to give them both a deep massage that he promises will be painful but refreshing. V goes up first, and although he feels the pain during the treatment, he says that he feels great afterwards. He specifically asks the masseur to work on his feet, which are sore from all the dancing he does, and Kim Min Jae looks a bit fearful as V experiences the painful foot massage.

kim min jae

“I don’t think I need a foot massage,” Kim Min Jae says to himself as V covers his face in a pillow while the masseur works on his feet.

bts v kim min jae 3

When it’s Kim Min Jae’s turn, he manages to laugh through the pain of his body massage, but tries to get out of the foot massage by saying his feet feel fine. Since he’s very sensitive to the pain, the masseur doesn’t massage as deeply as he did on V. “Shouldn’t you use as much pressure as you did for me?” V asks him.

“He’s the devil!” says Kim Min Jae with a laugh, as V explains that his feet felt really great after the massage.

bts v kim min jae 5

Eventually they agree that Kim Min Jae will endure the deep foot massage, but only for five seconds. To help him get through it, V sits on the massage table and holds him from behind.

bts v kim min jae

Watch the clip with English subtitles below!