Trainee Kim Sohye Makes Trainer Cry on “Produce 101”

On February 12, Mnet released a preview clip of the upcoming episode of girl group survival show “Produce 101.”

The video features trainee Kim So Hye struggling with dance moves. Her group is practicing to perform a cover of Wonder Girls’s debut song “Irony” for their performance battle. Votes given during the performance battle will be added to the popularity poll votes on Mnet’s website to determine which trainees will make the cut. Considering that a large number of trainees will be eliminated, there’s a lot riding on their performance battles.

Kim Sohye has received criticism before for being unable to catch up to her peers. In the beginning of the clip, trainer Bae Yoon Jung is shocked at her inability to pull off the dance moves.

Fortunately, Kim Sohye receives help from Kim Sejung and manages to surprise everyone.The next time her group performs in front of Bae Yoon Jung, the trainer ends up crying upon seeing how much Kim Sohye improved. She compliments her and says she must have practiced a lot.

Bae Yoon Jung

Kim Sohye Kim Sejung

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, Kim Sejung ranked second in popularity on the last episode. Beyond her excellent singing and dancing skills, she is receiving further attention for her kind personality. On the last episode, she helped Kim Sohye with her singing as well.

Watch Kim Sejung help Kim Sohye below:

This episode of “Produce 101” will air on February 12 at 11 p.m.

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