7 Ways K-Pop Is So Much More Than Just Music

Let’s be real. If any of us said we were into K-pop solely for the music, we’d probably be lying. There are so many great features of listening to and loving K-pop that it’s hard to understand just how exactly we were living our lives before we found it. So here’s a quick list of a few of the best parts of being into K-pop.

1. The Fandom Is an Extended Family

Seriously, how amazing is it seeing another K-pop fan in your hometown? It’s like reconnecting with a long-lost relative. The K-pop fandom is a global one, and no matter what group or solo artist you’re into, you can be sure that we will all stand together no matter what.

Now, when it comes to voting for the Mnet Asian Music Awards, well…that’s a different story.

2. Idols Are Dorks Just Like Us

Youngji on Roommate

The moment you watch a group on a variety show, it’s all over. You’re in too deep. Seeing idols complete crazy tasks and being all around dorks is a surefire way to secure your place in the K-pop fandom, and you end up spending countless hours of your life marathoning every variety show they’re on because it’s so freaking hilarious.

Just check out Super Junior failing to remember the choreography to their own songs on “Weekly Idol” and try not to laugh.

3. Creative Concepts Everywhere

How can we talk about K-pop without admiring how amazing the concepts are? A group never has to be boxed in by one particular sound or style, because they can just revamp themselves in their next comeback.

Time and time again, VIXX thrills us with their unique, dark fantasy concepts.


But we also have groups like After School who use their comebacks to learn a new skill. They impress us with tap dancing, drum lines, and even pole dancing like in their music video for “First Love” below.

If that’s not artistic enough, K-pop heavyweight Wonder Girls switched things up when they returned as an 80’s-inspired band last summer.

Wonder Girls

K-pop groups are versatile. From their synchronized choreography to their iconic comeback-specific wardrobe, you’ll never find a boring group.

4. Flawless Live Stages

Live stages, much like music videos, are key components of K-pop. Artists put every bit of their pre-debut training to use during their performances, amazing us with stable vocals during intense choreography.

INFINITE exhibits this in their comeback stage for “Bad” below.

And we can’t forget about the passionate, synchronized fan chants from the audience during these stages, either.

Just listen to the crowd during the comeback stage for IU‘s “Red Shoes.”

The fan chants are unlike the regular, jumbled screams when an artist performs, and they fit the live stage seamlessly.

5. A Perfect Group (and Bias) for Everyone

There are tons of K-pop groups out there. That means you have a pretty great chance of stumbling upon one you like. Whether that group has thirteen members like SEVENTEEN or just two like TVXQ, you’re always guaranteed to find one member that you really connect with.

For example, maybe your bias is an excellent leader of their group.

Leeteuk, CL, Yongguk

Or super smart and kind.


Maybe your bias’s vocals are out of this world.

Ailee Hyorin

Do they command everyone’s attention when they dance?


Maybe they’re a musical genius, a style icon, or even just a down-to-earth person you’d love to hang out with.

Suga, Hyuna, Amber, Luna

Whoever they are, they stay close to your heart. It’s almost like having a pen pal overseas. The K-pop world is full of outstanding people that make for even greater groups, and their personalities touch us just as much as their music.

6. Gateway to K-Dramas

Once you’ve picked your favorite group and your bias, you obviously have to watch every single thing that they’re in, right? It’s essential. Although you may have only tuned in to a K-drama to snag a few glimpses of your bias, you end up staying for the emotionally intense story.

You're Beautiful

…which of course sucks you into another black hole of obsession.

Flower Boy Next Door

But that’s okay. K-dramas are seldom boring, and there’s enough of them around to fill all your lazy Sundays. The romances give you goosebumps just like fairytales did when you were younger. Every cliffhanger keeps you clicking on to the next episode, and the plots are always so wild it keeps you on your toes.

7. Introduction to a Beautiful Culture

Beyond the flashy music videos, the happy beats, and all of the beautiful idols lies a vibrant culture. Although you may have taken a great interest in the popular media, you know that there’s more to Korea than the music videos. And you love it.

You love the food, the people, the language, all of it.


It’s this appreciation for various aspects of Korean culture that spurs the desire to visit the country firsthand, which makes your love for the culture stronger.

K-pop offers more than just phenomenal tunes, and that’s why it’s such a unique and entertaining genre.

What do you love about K-pop? Let us know below!

brookenicole is a creative writer with a huge love for K-pop and an even bigger love for playlist creation. You can find her on Twitter here.

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