iKON’s Bobby Tries to Share Worries With Jinhwan While He’s in the Shower on “Infinite Challenge”

On February 13’s episode of “Infinite Challenge,” iKON member Bobby gets ready to make his appearance on the show’s “Meet My Ugly Friend” special, which began last week.

Bobby stands outside the group’s bathroom and attempts to talk to fellow member Jinhwan, who’s in the shower. “Do you have to come here while I’m in the shower?” asks Jinhwan from off camera.

“This is ‘real variety,’ it has to be real!” replies Bobby. He then shares his worries with Jinhwan by saying, “If I go on the ‘Meet My Ugly Friend’ special, our whole group will be seen as ugly.”

“No, it’s you that’s ugly!” replies Jinhwan. “It’s not iKON that’s ugly.” Bobby just laughs in reply.

ikon bobby 2

Watch the clip below!

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