Watch: Kwak Si Yang and Kim So Yeon Snuggle Up to Take a Nap Together on “We Got Married”

On February 13’s episode of “We Got Married,” virtual couple Kwak Si Yang and Kim So Yeon cozy up to get some rest together as they go on a spontaneous trip.

While they’re on the bus to Dangjin in South Chungcheong province, the pair happily talk about the trips they used to take as kids. However, Kwak Si Yang says he’s tired because he had to get up early. “Shall we take a nap for a bit?” he asks Kim So Yeon cutely.

In reply, she pats his arm and says, “Sleep well.”

we got married 4

Kwak Si Yang says she should sleep too, and adds, “I’ll lend you my shoulder.” The pair then cuddle up together to take a nap.

we got married 6

After they doze for a while, Kim So Yeon wakes up and tries to close the curtain on their window.

we got married 1

Sensing her movements, Kwak Si Yang also wakes up from his nap. Kim So Yeon asks him if he woke up because of her, but he shakes his head in reply, and then sleepily pretends to bite her hand.

we got married 2

The pair then snuggle up again to grab a few more winks before they arrive at their destination.

we got married 3

Watch part of their cute nap time in the clip below!

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