Red Velvet Dishes on Girl Group Friendships and Shared Hobbies

In a recent interview, girl group Red Velvet shared which girl group members they’re close to and what they do in their spare time.

Yeri, who is 18 (Korean age), doesn’t know many people her age in the girl groups around her. “So I hang out with the TaeTiSeo and Girls’ Generation unnies a lot,” she shared.

Seulgi explained, “Some of our friends don’t have cell phones, so we can’t contact each other and meet up. But we keep in contact with MAMAMOO a lot. We’re close with Moonbyul unnie but neither of us have much time to meet. Later I hope we can meet up more and share a good meal together.”

In their spare time, the Red Velvet members often go off to do their own thing. “Sometimes I go to the practice room by myself,” Wendy said. “I look up videos of other singers and I talk with my vocal trainers to try and overcome my weaknesses.”

“I finally went to see Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘Catch Me If You Can,”” Joy said. (The film came out in 2002.) “I’ve been wanting to see it for a long time.” Maknae Yeri is also a fan of films, having gone to see Kang Dong Won’s ‘a Violent Prosecutor’ on the day of its premiere.

Seulgi combines Wendy, Joy, and Yeri’s hobbies, watching movies, singing videos, and dancing videos. “I prefer watching movies to dramas because the plots move faster,” she said. “I like to go alone to the theater so I can focus on the acting.”

With all these girls going to the movie theater, you’d think someone would recognize the popular idol group. “I usually go in the morning with a hat on,” Seulgi explained. “Nobody recognizes me.”

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