TWICE Wishes Everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day in Cute Videos

The members of rookie girl group TWICE have created some cute Valentines in the form of short but sweet videos!

On February 14 at midnight KST, JYP Entertainment shared videos of each of the nine members sending messages to their fans while holding a heart-shaped box of chocolates.

Nayeon plays hard to get in her video, as she presents fans with the chocolates while pretending not to care too much, and then laughs.

Jungyeon tries a different tactic and gets a bit threatening in her video as she holds out the chocolates.

Momo jokes, “If you don’t eat all this chocolate, you have to buy me pigs’ feet!”

Sana shows she knows how to play hard to get too in her video, but she eventually presents us with the chocolates!

Jihyo says, “These are the chocolates I made after practicing for ten years. Please accept them! Please!”

Mina says she put a lot of hard work into her chocolates, and asks us to accept them.

Dahyun creates a Valentine for her sunbae, complete with a dorky kiss and tiny heart at the end.

Chaeyoung tells us to enjoy the chocolates in her video, and says they’re the first ones she’s ever bought for someone.

Tzuyu says, “I’m not sure if you’ll like the taste of these. If you don’t need it, I’ll eat it all!”

Happy Valentine’s Day to you too, TWICE!

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