Comedienne Kim Sook Offers to Pay for Block B’s Park Kyung to Study Abroad

On February 14, Kim Sook, Kim Young Hee, Kim Min Kyung, and Lee Se Young guested on the “Valentine’s Day” special of “Problematic Men.”

In the episode, the “Problematic Men” members were paired with a guest to solve problems together as a couple. After Kim Sook was confused by a question even after hearing the answer, Block B‘s Park Kyung explained it to her clearly.

Surprised, Kim Sook said, “You should return to your studies. I’ll pay for you to study abroad.” park kyung block b kim sook

Kim Young Hee was also taken by Park Kyung’s behavior and expressed an interest in him, but he replied firmly, “I’m sorry.”

“Problematic Men” airs every Sunday at 11 p.m. KST on tvN.

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