EXID Looks Back on Their Sudden Rise in Popularity During Mini Concert

EXID showed their gratitude for each other and their fans.

The group held their mini concert for “EXID’s LEGGO SHOW” on February 14 for 500 fans in order to keep the promise they made last year.

“I’d first like to show my gratitude. During the four years we’ve been together, we’ve faced many obstacles, but I love how we overcome them with optimism. Thank you for filing in my imperfections and making me complete. I’m glad we’re there for each other during the good and band moments,” LE wrote to her members in a letter, causing them to cry.

“When we didn’t want the delayed popularity of ‘Up& Down,’ we had to go through several unfamiliar situations. Maybe it was because of the new environment, but we ended up hurting each other out of irritation. Then I’d always end up worrying. Thankfully, I can now say these were unnecessary concerns,” LE added.

“We know everything about each other. I think we’ve spent the last year pretty well through constant communication and understanding. Lets keep on doing what we do right now and be together,” she concluded.

EXID held this concert to give back to the love of their fan club, LEGGO. As a special event, EXID even promoted film taking, which was the key to their success, and allowed fans to upload the clips to their personal social media.

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