Netizens Argue If a Body Double Was Used in Seolhyun’s CF, FNC Issues Statement

Last month, AOA‘s Seolhyun gained a lot of attention for her sexy CF spot for SKT’s Sol smartphone. However, netizens are currently arguing the legitimacy of the CF and questioning whether or not a body double was used.

A vague Facebook post by a body double model seemed to have sparked the argument. She posted privately for her friends, “It’s my body, it’s not her body. During the shoot in Thailand, it’s a little sad. You know what I’m talking about?” The model’s ambiguous post seemed to be asserting that the body in Seolhyun’s CF was her own.

When you watch the CF, it’s a little hard to find scenes where you can see her body without her face. However, several online communities are arguing over the Facebook post and past occasions of other celebrities using a body double for a CF has added fuel to the dispute. FNC Entertainment decided to release an official statement of the matter saying, “There seems to be a lot of curious fans so we are revealing the facts. The part in the CF where there is a person diving deeply into the water is a body double. It was an underwater filming that was difficult for Seolhyun. Please know that all the other scenes where the body is outside the water is Seolhyun herself.”

There is a screen capture of another vague post by the same original body double model who posted on several community sites, “I only said it was my own body. Hahaha. What is all this commotion?” Shortly after, it is said that the post has been deleted.

seolhyun 2

What do you guys think? Is Seolhyun using a body double?

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