Lee Sung Kyung Searches for Happiness in Her Nostalgic Film Photo Book “Be Joyful”

Current “Cheese in the Trap” actress Lee Sung Kyung gets back in touch with her model roots for her upcoming photo book “Be Joyful.”

“Be Joyful” is a Lee Sung Kyung’s personal modeling project that she worked on with film photographer Shin Hye Rim.

Lee Sung Kyung

The photo book is full of vivid, vintage-inspired film prints that induce nostalgia in the viewer.

Lee Sung Kyung2

Lee Sung Kyung3

Lee Sung Kyung entitled the book “Be Joyful” to capture the concept of finding the little things in life that bring you joy.

Lee Sung Kyung5

The photo book will be available at online and offline bookstores starting February 17.

You can peep the behind-the-scenes of the “Be Joyful” photo shoot below.

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