WINNER Thinks “Running Man” Will Be a Good Match for Them

On the February 15 broadcast of the SBS radio’s “Park So Hyun’s Love Game,” the members of WINNER shared their desires to appear on the popular SBS variety show “Running Man.”

On this episode, DJ Park So Hyun asked Lee Seung Hoon if there was any variety show that he wanted to appear on. He answered, “The members run really well. We can run really fast. I hope we can go on a variety show that matches with that.” When Park So Hyun mentioned “Running Man,” Winner confirmed.

When asked who was the member who runs the best, Nam Tae Hyun answered, “We had a race on the snowy fields. Lee Seung Hoon won first place.”

You can catch the latest episode of “Running Man” here and here’s to hoping we see WINNER on it next time!

Link to video:

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