10 Awesome, Must-Listen Song Covers by SHINee

SHINee are known for their unique sound, perfect vocals, and synchronized dancing. So when the members of SHINee cover someone else’s song, they make you forget it’s not even their own. Here are 10 of SHINee’s most awesome covers!

10. “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree”

You never would have thought that SHINee would cover this song, but — surprisingly — it totally works! The hilarious VCR and cuteness during the performance shows just how funny SHINee can be!

9. “Wild Eyes” — Shinhwa

Listening to this, you’d think it could be one of their own releases. SHINee definitely suit this old school sound!

8. “Sorry Sorry” — Super Junior

SHINee effortlessly pull of this complicated choreography. It can be daunting covering a classic song, but they show no signs of nerves. If you can’t get enough of SHINee and Super Junior, also check out this amazing collab!

7. “As Long As You Love Me” — Justin Bieber

All Shawols will agree that Jonghyun could sing the alphabet and still sound better than most people. Jonghyun makes singing this good look easy!

6. “Just Dance” — Lady Gaga

Despite the questionable outfits, SHINee still sound great! Key suits this electro-pop sound perfectly Check out his fierce cover of Lady Gaga‘s “Hair” and “Judas” as well.

5. “This Woman’s Work” — Maxwell

This cover showcases just how brilliant a singer Jonghyun is! The emotion in his voice definitely brings more than a tear to your eye.

4. “Rainy Blue” — Hideaki Tokunaga

Taemin doesn’t perform playing the piano often, so it’s easy to forget just how good he is, and this song makes it quite evident that Onew‘s heartfelt voice was made for beautiful ballads just like this.

3. “Internet War” — Seo Taiji

This angsty cover gave everyone something to fangirl about. Jonghyun and Taemin definitely know how to slay their fans! They also performed it (much to the delight of Shawols) in Tokyo! Check it out here.

2. “Something That I Love” — Boohwal

There’s only one thing wrong with this cover…it’s not the full song. Everything else is heavenly. And you get to hear Minho singing too!

1. “Y Si Fuera Ella” — Alejandro Sanz

Jonghyun gives one of his best solo stages here. The dramatic VCR and the fake wound add to this intense, heart-wrenching performance.

Bonus: “MAMA” — EXO

Key’s laugh represents all Shawols watching this.

Which song do you think SHINee should cover next?

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