Why Do Dating Rumors Between Jo In Sung and Go Hyun Jung Keep Surfacing?

On February 14 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV,” they talked about “Entertainment Industry’s Gold Miss and Mister Stars.” Gold Miss and Gold Mister refers to a female or male, respectively, that is unmarried and has a high socioeconomic and educational background.

On the episode, actor Jo In Sung was mentioned as one of the Gold Mister stars.

Jo In Sung receives much love and attention from numerous female fans for his good looks, tall stature, and kind personality.

jo in sung-go hyun jung

A reporter commented, “Jo In Sung is 36 years old now and is approaching the ‘Gold Mister’ age. He said he’d get married around 40.” He added, “In the past, Jo In Sung had mentioned that his ideal type of woman is a strong, tough woman. The reason dating rumors between Jo In Sung and Go Hyun Jung keep resurfacing is because Go Hyun Jung is closest to his ideal type.”

The reporter went on to say, “Jo In Sung is financially capable of settling down any time he wants to. He owns a building in Itaewon. The value of the building appreciated to over 1 billion won (approximately $825,000) in the last three years.”

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