Tahiti’s Jisoo’s Case Against Unsolicited Sponsor Offers Will Likely Remain Unresolved

With the talk of sponsorships in the entertainment industry becoming a hot topic lately, it’s easy to understand the desire to take action against unsolicited advances from sponsorship brokers. Unfortunately for Tahiti’s Jisoo, it seems her case against the broker who contacted her via Instagram will likely be closed unresolved.

On February 18, the Seocho District Police Department issued a statement, saying that they had approached Facebook, which owns and operates Instagram, with a search warrant for the broker’s account information. However, Facebook replied that they were unable to provide the information in question.

According to the police, the user who sent the sponsorship messages accessed the Internet from an overseas IP address. Facebook stated, “If the IP address had been in Korea, Facebook would be able to provide the requested details. However, since the IP address came from a third country, Facebook is unable to provide the user’s account information.” Without the assistance of Facebook, the police have been unable to trace the user back to his original IP address.

The police went on to state that they have alerted Jisoo and her company on the situation, and that the cyber crimes department plans to look for another method of apprehending the broker.

Meanwhile, several actresses have pitched in their opinions on the reality that is sponsorship deals following the special broadcast of SBS‘s “The Its Know.”

What are your thoughts on Jisoo’s situation?

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