Park Jin Young Personally Praises Jo Kwon for “Crosswalk”

2AM leader Jo Kwon opened up about his recent solo comeback in an interview with Dazed Korea.

In the interview, Jo Kwon talked about the title track “Crosswalk,” saying that originally it wasn’t supposed to be the title track for the album. “I didn’t write ‘Crosswalk’ thinking it’d be the title track. So when everyone at the company unanimously decided that it’d be the title, it was a bit of a burden, but I felt great.”

He even confessed, “Park Jin Young called me and personally praised me [for the song].” Jo Kwon previously explained that his own experiences in love inspired him to write “Crosswalk.”

Meanwhile, this comeback marks Jo Kwon’s first solo comeback in nearly four years. Check out some of the other photos from the Dazed pictorial below!

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