Jung Joon Young Complains About How Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Mixes His Drinks

On February 18’s episode of JTBC’s “Old House, New House,” singer Jung Joon Young gives a tour of his apartment and is asked by the hosts to explain some of the objects he has at home.

Jung Joon Young is particularly proud of his collection of alcohol, and the hosts ask him if he drinks with a lot of actresses. Jun Hyun Moo mentions that he saw a picture of him drinking and eating with his former “We Got Married” partner, Jung Yoo Mi.

jung joon young jung yoo mi

“She’s a good drinker,” says Jung Joon Young. “Moon Chae Won is too.”

jung joon young

“I’m also friends with Yuri,” he adds, and the show shares a shot of Jung Joon Young with Girls’ Generation member Yuri.

“When Yuri drinks, she makes her own drinks taste great, but she just pours mine at a 5:5 ratio,” he then complains.

jung joon young 2

Watch Jung Joon Young’s home renovation on this week’s episode of “Old House, New House”!

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