Watch: “Glory Day” With EXO’s Suho, Ryu Jun Yeol, Ji Soo, and Kim Hee Chan Releases Official Trailer

Film “Glory Day,” also known as “One Way Trip,” starring Ji Soo, EXO‘s Suho, Ryu Jun Yeol, and Kim Hee Chan has released its official trailer.

This was posted on February 17 through CGV‘s Facebook page. The teaser starts off showing the three having a good time together while playing with fireworks. However, the mood completely changes soon after and shows them being chased, dragged, and captured.

This trailer was narrated by Ji Soo, and his sorrowful voice is making this video that much more emotional. It ends with the sentence, “One day, the moment everything collapsed.”

When this teaser was released, it got over 500,000 Facebook likes and over 20,000 views. This is more likes and views than those of successful films in the past. Just by these records, this movie is bound to do well when it premieres on March 24.

Watch the trailer here:

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