GFRIEND’s SinB and Sowon Show Off Lovely and Fresh Looks for Marie Claire

GFRIEND‘s SinB and Sowon show off their lovely charms for their first ever makeup photo shoot. On February 19, photos from their photo shoot with Marie Claire were released.

This photo shoot is centered around four different concepts, which include “Sweety Girls, Blooming Girl,” to represent this spring season’s beauty trends.


In SinB’s solo cut, the appeal of her white and almost translucent face is emphasized, and a gorgeous fuchsia pink tint is applied to her lips in order to accentuate her cute lips. On the other hand, coral makeup is used on Sowon, because it best fits her healthy looking complexion. A cream blusher is used, portraying a smooth and dewy apple zone, and her look is completed with pink nails for an overall bright and cheerful feeling.


SinB reveals, “I’m fascinated because I look completely different from how I look normally, and I also feel like I’ve become a really lovely girl.” Sowon also talks about her makeup, and says, “I’m satisfied because I’m wearing coral makeup, which not only matches well with me, but also makes me look bright and healthy.”

Check out the rest of SinB and Sowon’s fresh and sweet spring makeup photo shoot in Marie Claire’s March edition.

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