Watch T.O.P and Lee Dong Hwi’s Playful Interaction on Instagram

On February 17, actor Lee Dong Hwi and BIGBANG‘s T.O.P showed off their close friendship on Instagram.

Judging from the pictures, the two seemed to be going somewhere in a car. T.O.P uploaded a picture showing a selfie he took and asked if he should post it or not.

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Lee Dong Hwi then responded by posting, “Yes.. post it.”

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T.O.P then playfully replied, “Wow, jackpot. With T.O.P. I’m envious.” He then uploaded his original selfie in response to Lee Dong Hwi’s request.


Lee Dong Hwi then continued the banter by replying, “Even though I’m really tired from liking you. I’m >_< >_<”

T.O.P and Lee Dong Hwi are known to have met on the set of “Tazza 2” and seem to have been maintaining a close friendship since then.

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