Kim Ha Neul Exudes Femininity and Class for Marie Claire

Lovely actress and bride-to-be Kim Ha Neul shows an essence of mix match look combining variety of dresses and trendy sunglasses.

Marie Claire magazine released a pictorial of Kim Ha Neul from Hawaii on February 18. In the pictorial, Kim Ha Neul is seen wearing different dresses and sunglasses looking chic and feminine.

One of the photos shows her dressed in a strapless royal blue dress wearing cat-eye shaped Lanvin sunglasses accentuating soft and feminine look. The combination of these two items complement the lovely and feminine aura.

kim ha neul-1

In another photo, she is wearing a white dress with flared sleeves. In this one, she’s wearing Balenciaga sunglasses. These Balenciaga sunglasses complete the trendy retro look complementing the white dress which could come across too simple or plain.

Kim Ha Neul will be getting married on March 19 to her fiancé who is a year younger than her. They have been dating for a year.

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