G.NA, Kyungri, Park Eun Ji, Kim Jung Min, and Hwang So Hee Are Beauty Icons for Grazia

On February 19, Grazia magazine released a pictorial set featuring announcer Park Eun Ji, actress Kim Jung Min, singer G.NA, 9MUSESKyungri, and model Hwang So Hee as “Beauty Icons.”

All five women are currently active as MCs for various beauty and fashion programs. Park Eun Ji is currently an MC for “Real Beauty” and “Beauty Stargram.” Kim Jung Min is a main MC for “Get It Beauty” and G.NA appears on “Follow Me 6.” Kyungri guests on “Make Style & Go” while Hwang So Hee appears on “Stargram.”

This upcoming pictorial for the March issue of Grazia magazine will publish on February 20 along with information about makeup trends and special beauty know-how tips.

hwang sohee

kim jung min


park eun ji

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