“Produce 101” Narrows It Down to 61 Trainees, New Top 11 Revealed

The February 19 episode of Mnet’s “Produce 101” featured their first elimination and rankings reveal on the show, resulting in tears of sadness and happiness. Many were interested in which trainees would make the cut resulting in the show’s highest ratings yet.

Rankings were based on the results of online votes as well as from their previous group performance battles. Only the top 61 trainees were able to stay in the running for one of the final 11 spots for the project girl group.

The second round of online voting has already started. Stay tuned for future episodes of “Produce 101” which airs every Friday at 11 p.m. KST.

Find out the new top 11 trainee rankings below!


Kim Sohye

Red Line Entertainment trainee Kim Sohye placed 11th with 227,670 votes. She thanked fellow trainee Kim Sejung for helping her a lot.

Jun Soyeon

CUBE Entertainment trainee Jun Soyeon ranked 10th. She has impressed viewers with her rap skills.

Kim Nayoung

Jellyfish Entertainment trainee Kim Nayoung came in 9th place. Despite losing the group performance battle, she was able to receive 250,552 votes.

Jung Chaeyeon

MBK’s Jung Chaeyeon got 8th place. She is a member of girl group DIA.

Kim Dani

MBK’s Kim Dani ranked 7th place. You might remember her from a T-ara music video.

Gi Hee Hyun Cathy

MBK’s Gi Hee Hyun, who goes by the name Cathy as a member of DIA, received 6th place.

Kang Mina

Jellyfish Entertainment trainee Kang Mina came in 5th place. She is receiving a lot of love for her adorable eye-smile.

Joo Gyeol Kyung

Pledis Entertainment trainee Joo Gyeol Kyung got 4th place. The Chinese trainee is currently the highest ranking non-Korean trainee.

Choi Yoojung

Fantagio trainee Choi Yoojung came in third place. She received much positive attention after being selected to be in the center for their very first performance on “M!Countdown.”

Jun Somi

JYP Entertainment trainee Jun Somi came in second place. She gained many fans after first appearing in the JYP girl group survival show “SIXTEEN.”

Kim Sejung

Kim Sejung

Jellyfish Entertainment trainee Kim Sejung received the most votes and got 1st place. She has been in the spotlight for her talent, leadership, and kindness.

Who are your favorite trainees?

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