Watch: iKON’s Bobby Performs With Jung Joon Ha on “Infinite Challenge”

On February 20’s episode of “Infinite Challenge,” iKON’s Bobby helps Jung Joon Ha show everyone his potential as a rapper!

During the “Meet My Ugly Friend” special, host Yoo Jae Suk says to Bobby, “Jung Joon Ha has to go on ‘Show Me the Money.’ As his sunbae, please show him a rap.” Jung Joon Ha was previously given the mission on “Infinite Challenge” of auditioning for the rap performance show “Show Me the Money” this year.

When the other members ask if they should stand up for Bobby’s performance, Bobby says, “All the ugly people should stand up!”

Bobby then performs his song “YGGR#Hip Hop” from “Show Me the Money 3.” He begins the song by yelling, “Our connecting link is that we’re all ugly people!”

When Bobby starts to rap, Jung Joon Ha excitedly joins in and jumps up and down with Bobby. He quickly gets tired, and so Bobby drags him back into the center of the stage.

After the performance, some of the other guests compliment Jung Joon Ha on his rapping and Jung Joon Ha says, “I’m ready now!”

When asked if he thinks Jung Joon Ha can make it to the semi-finals of “Show Me the Money,” Bobby replies, “I think he can pass the preliminaries!”


Watch their performance below!

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