iKON’s Bobby Puts His Aspirations in Writing for W Korea Pictorial

On February 20, YG Entertainment shared a few cuts from iKON member Bobby‘s pictorial for the March issue of W Korea magazine.

The concept of the photo shoot was “Youth” and was shot in a variety of locations including Cheonggyecheon, a popular public recreation spot in Seoul, and Nakwon Sanga, a famous musical instrument market.

iKON Bobby4

In the corresponding interview, Bobby talks about his hopes for 2016, his life motto, and the various musicians that he considers to be his role models.

iKON Bobby5

iKON Bobby2

He even scribbled some of the answers to the questions from the interview onto the pictorial cuts themselves. In one such cut, Bobby writes, “I want [to] sound like Marley, rap like Kendrick, perform like Michael.”

iKON Bobby7

In sum, the pictorial is pure eye candy and only serves to further puzzle fans as to why in the world Bobby was cast for “Infinite Challenge‘s” “Meet My Ugly Friend” special… but we digress.

iKON Bobby1

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