Daebak Succeeds in Eating by Himself on “The Return of Superman”

Lee Dong Gook’s son Daebak successfully feeds himself on the latest episode of “The Return of Superman.

On the February 21 episode of the popular KBS variety show, Daebak and his family go sledding to enjoy the winter weather. While they are there, they also eat red bean porridge to satisfy their hunger.

On this day, Daebak shows how hungry he is when he picks up his spoon by himself and starts mumbling to himself, drawing the laughter of his family members.

Then, Daebak takes his spoon and eats the red bean porridge by himself as his father looks proudly on.

The producers of the show show a montage of how Daebak hasn’t been able eat independently before, showing how he has matured throughout his time on the show.


Catch the latest episode below!

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