“Infinite Challenge” Crowns the Final King of the “Meet My Ugly Friend” Special

On February 20, MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” wrapped up the second season of their “Ugly Friends” special.


In the episode, the members and guests fought for the right to be one of the “F4,” or the most attractive four men of them all. After a long and competitive game, Lee Bong Joo, Ji Suk Jin, Park Myung Soo, and Lee Chun Soo emerged victorious.

They also shared stories about their school days and compared themselves in ridiculous ways to good-looking actors, saying things like, “The folds of my ear are similar to Kim Soo Hyun.”

mbc infinite challenge

The guests got a chance to show off their charms, physical or otherwise, through a variety of games and dancing and singing competitions. In the end, Yoo Jae Suk said, “It’s time to pick the final king, who will lead the “Ugly Friends” special until it returns in 2020. Four years ago we picked the ugliest person. But this year we’re going to pick the person with the most appeal.”

woo hyun

And the winner was actor Woo Hyun!

Do you agree with their choice?

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